UnsharpMasked.com was established way back 2010 and is now online for almost 6 years. This blog focuses on photo and design topic and the masked word is coming from masking in Adobe Photoshop. Unsharp is also came from the kinds of photos  that are not very sharply taken by a  photographer and that can be enhanced using the software. Thus the  unsharpmasked.com came into birth.

What Can you expect from UnsharpMasked.com?

Unsharpmasked.com provides better photo editing training that you can see in the homepage of this blog. You can also see place where we usually upload our photos and where we earn money from our photos. This is a great place if you are an amateur or professional photographer that wants to earn money from your photos. Come back to us from time to time and there is more learning from here. See you around.