Photocase versus Death to Stock Photo: Which Should You Choose?

Are you looking for a unique photo resource to complete your creative projects? The Internet is full of stock art agencies that offer high-quality images at affordable prices. However, many of them only provide generic photos that may be too “stocky” for your needs. Fortunately, some photo sites have unique stock images in their collection to help you tell your brand story or send a message.

When it comes to unique stock photography, there are two stock photo sites you should look into: Death to Stock Photo and Photocase. Both offer high-quality photos at a lower price tag. They can make your content beautiful, engaging, and shareable with stock photographs you will not find in other stock image websites. But which of them should you choose?

Let’s take an in-depth look into what each stock site has to offer.


Death to Stock Photo is an artist-owned co-op that features a collection of the most authentic photos and videos. You can download unlimited stock footage and images when you subscribe to a plan. The stock website adds new content every month to give you fresh stock photography regularly. It funds talented creators who do stunning work you can’t get anywhere else, giving you an immediate edge over your competitors. Check more here.

Why Death to Stock Photo?

  • Multiple membership options
    Death to the Stock Photo has a membership option for everyone. It offers a super affordable monthly or annual subscription for freelancers and agencies, brands, and partners. It also currently promotes a free 14-day trial to find out if the stock site fits your creative needs.

  • Unlimited downloads
    The stock photo website allows you to enjoy unlimited downloads in addition to full access to over 4,500 unique stock images. All images are quality-controlled, stocked, and ready for download. Plus, fresh visual content is added regularly to help you communicate your story.

  • Do-what-you-wanna license
    All images in the stock site come with a do-what-you-wanna license that allows you to use them for personal and commercial purposes. You don’t have to browse through creative commons anymore as you can easily find what you are looking for in the website’s library.


Photocase is a German stock photo site that provides images with an authentic flair. It has been around the industry for over 15 years, making it one of the most reliable stock photography sites in the market. It has a relatively small collection, but all the images stand out. It is also an economical solution for creatives and brands with a limited budget.

Why Photocase?

  • Curated collection
    Photocase boasts a highly-curated collection of artistic and authentic images. Every photo is selected by hand by the stock site’s editors. Unlike the stock images found in other platforms, its pictures are real-life, fresh, and fair. They also look natural, so you and your clients can enjoy refreshing imagery.

  • Flexible purchasing options
    With Photocase, you can buy images through Direct Purchase or Credit Bundle. You can pick whichever fits your creative needs and budget. Direct Purchase is ideal for single or occasional content requirements, while Credit Bundle is the best option for companies with significant image needs. The price depends on the size of the photo, but a Base license is always included. 

  • Lightboxes
    Photocase provides you with an easy way to organize your photos by client, theme, or project. It also helps you find your favorited images more quickly. You can review the photos you saved earlier and compare them before deciding. Basically, it is like a shopping cart feature.

Death to the Stock Photo and Photocase are both excellent sources of unique, high quality images. They offer high-quality photos at affordable rates, so you get value for your money. Your choice depends on your content requirements and budget. For authentic images and videos, choose the former. For inspiring, creative, and original photography, pick the latter. You can also subscribe to both to get the best of both worlds.

Shutterstock Coupon Codes for More Stock Photo downloads

Shutterstock is among the well-known stock photo agencies with a bustling community of both contributors and customers alike, with both parties benefitting from each other. Shutterstock collects original contents from its contributors, aids in the necessary licensure processes and allows these contents to be distributed to the open market.  Some of which are free, but they still need attribution for their use, depending on the creator.

Shutterstock’s library of several millions of high quality, royalty-free stock images, illustrations, vectors, video clips, and even music files, makes it a more than enough choice as a source or provider for your multimedia content needs.

Shutterstock also offers free photos, but not too many, because free images are prone to be overused by many. The likelihood of seeing the same images used in your project also used in somewhere else is high. Obviously, no one would like that, most especially if you’re on a business standpoint. That is why they limit the number of free images. Fortunately, they also offer cheap stock photos [] for the thrift.

With weekly contents added daily at great numbers reaching to several thousands, you can rest assured you will definitely find what you need for your project in Shutterstock. In fact, you’re given more access to even more content as a subscriber. But then again, that all depends on your budget.

User Friendly

Shutterstock’s interface is very welcoming to new users and even to total newbies in designing. They even provide a handy link to several of their owned assets such as Skillfeed that provides limited time offers for design tutorial.

Signing up and registration is also not as intricate as some of the cheapest stock photo agencies []. For payments, you can use any major credit card and you can choose the type of payment you want – you can opt for subscription for some lesser overall costs and some perks, or choose on-payment basis when you prefer to purchase one at a time. However, those are not all the payment type option they offer.

As far as searching for the images you want to use are concerned, Shutterstock’s easy, but organized keyword search will help you find those images or other content you would want to purchase. Due to the competition in the stock images market, several sites are improving their database search and search results in order to provide a better service and give a good impression for a potential customer.

Shutterstock’s keyword search feature provides organized results with the option to view thumbnails or samples of the images in other categories (e.g. Relevance, Popularity) as well as refined search options to narrow down your search options. With a lot of options to narrow down your search results, you can easily find what you’re looking for – no longer will you have to find that pesky needle in the haystack.

Quality and Quantity

There are hundreds or even thousands of competitions out there in the online stock agency market. It is important to select a stock photo agency that provides high quality stock images in high quantity, with a user-friendly interface and refined search results, and affordable rates you can adjust to.

With millions of content and tens-to-hundreds of thousands of all kinds of daily content flowing in, Shutterstock is among the leading stock image agencies when it comes to the amount of content. However, they don’t simply just approve any image to be uploaded in their database. They screen images to provide only high quality content and won’t settle for anything inferior.

Shutterstock highly values its customers and contributors and because of this, many developers and designers are comfortable in using Shutterstock. Shutterstock helps in the licensing of the content for the contributors and, in turn, this allows customers to legally use the images or other content worry-free and conscience-free (even despite the fact they did pay for them).

Licensing issues are always troublesome and some of the coverage are vague; therefore if you don’t want the hassle, better to purchase something at a considerably cheap price than get it for free and risk legal repercussions.

Rates, Discounts, and Coupon Codes

Shutterstock have several price options to choose from. Several single purchases can cost for less than a dollar and you can even avail discounts, making the prices even lower. Shutterstock also offers an “Enhanced License” which is even better than the regular “Standard License”. The “Enhanced License” will allow several unlimited features which are only limited to a “Standard License” and it also nulls several restrictions such as copies of web or print templates, and copies of merchandise for sale.

Interesting to note, there are several websites that offer Shutterstock coupon codes []. However, it is advisable to only trust websites affiliated to Shutterstock. Among their trusted affiliates is StockPhotoSecrets and they offer discount coupons ranging from 7 to 10 percent off. If it doesn’t seem much, you might want to consider calculating the rates. You can save as much as hundreds of dollars when you’re planning to buy a 1-year image subscription plan which costs over $2000!

As a user-friendly gesture and being a trusted affiliate of Shutterstock, StockPhotoSecrets offers step by step guides and video tutorials to obtain and redeem Shutterstock coupon codes. You have the option to choose whichever coupon code you want and after obtaining a discount coupon code, you are then ready to use it any time you purchase a payment plan from Shutterstock.

You can check their website here and obtain some Shutterstock coupon codes:

Get the Images You Need with a Bigstock Coupon Code

bigstocksmalllogo Purchasing and downloading images have never been easy until a Bigstock coupon code. Bigstock has over 37 million stock assets in its library, waiting to be explored. Its huge collection has a wide variety of images that will surely help you find what you are looking for. Its pricing is also much wider with more options for both credit packages and image subscriptions. Moreover, its search engine will help you narrow the selection to find exactly the images you want.

If you are a new customer, you will surely love this new offer. Bigstock features a 7-day free trial that allows you to check out the stock photo website and find out if it suits your creative needs and budget. You get to access the entire collection and see if the photos you need are in there. When you find anything you like, you can purchase the 25 credit pack that will allow you to download 25 images. With a Bigstock coupon, you can get an additional 10 image credits for free.


If you are certain that Bigstock suits your creative needs and budget, you can directly purchase a credit pack. Images on demand are perfect if you need the images on a short period of time. You can use a Bigstock coupon code with it to get a 15% discount, too. The discount is available to any credit package and valid through December 31, 2024. With this special deal, you can save in your image downloads and jump-start your creative projects.

If you have a larger and more regular creative needs, the Bigstock coupon code for image subscriptions is the perfect option for you. It also gives you 15% discount on any subscription. It is valid until December 31, 2024 too. Bigstock has a broad offer on subscriptions. You can choose between subscriptions with monthly and daily limits, whichever suits your creative needs and budget. What are you waiting for? Hurry and get the coupon now!

To redeem your Bigstock coupon code, you need to create a Bigstock account first. Then, you will be able to use the images for multiple purposes. You can use the free images you get from the coupon and the images you get with credits or subscription in both commercial and editorial ways. You can use them in advertising, blogs, web promotion and internal purposes. All images are royalty-free, so you can use them as often as you like.

Getting the images you need with a Bigstock coupon code is a good idea if you are looking for high quality but affordable images. If you are a new customer, the free trial is a good idea to test the waters and save more money too. So, hurry and get them now!

Images for Everyone, Bigstock Coupon for Everyone

Bigstock’s slogan is images and videos for everyone. However, not everyone has the budget despite the stock site’s already affordable pricing and plans. This is where a Bigstock coupon can be of great help. It gives you the opportunity to explore the stock photo website at no extra cost. All you have to do is redeem it before its expiry date. It is a great deal for new and existing customers, whether you are buying a credit package or subscription plan.

What can you get from a Bigstock subscription? Well, there are a number of things you can get from making the stock site your primary image source, click here. You can get discounts on both credit packages and subscription plans. You can also get free credits when you purchase a credit pack. More importantly, you can explore over 35 million high quality images at a very affordable price. We say very affordable because the stock site already has cheap pricing & plans and are made more affordable by coupons.

10 Free Credits

Is it your first time buying a credit package from Bigstock? If it is, you can try the stock photo website for 7 days for free! For one whole week, you can explore the library and determine if its suits your creative needs and budget. If you want to experience other features, you can purchase a 25 image credit package and enjoy 10 more free images. This means the free trial provides you with 35 images to jump-start your creative project.

15% Discount on Credit Packs

Valid through December 31, 2024, this Bigstock coupon gives you 15% off on any credit package. Credit packs are suitable for occasional and smaller image needs. If you are looking to buy images on demand, this is the perfect coupon for you. It allows you to save in your downloads without compromising the quality of your images. What are you waiting for? Get a coupon code and redeem it now!

sample photo from bigstock

15% Discount on Image Subscriptions

This Bigstock coupon is also valid until December 31, 2024 only. The stock site has a broad offer in subscriptions and this coupon will save you 15% off any image subscription. Applicable to both new and existing clients, you will surely benefit from the coupon if you have larger and frequent creative needs. What are you waiting for? Get a coupon code and redeem it now!

For a Bigstock coupon to work, you need an account in the stock site. You also need to register and purchase the package or subscription to see your savings at the end of the transaction. Now, you can enjoy the services of Bigstock at a cut price. Start taking advantage of its vast library, powerful image search, and advanced features now!

The Cheap Stock Photo Secret

Cheap Stock Photo Secret

Whenever you go searching for stock photos, you are driven by two elements. The first element is value. Before you ever decide to pay for a subscription-based service so that you can have access to the stock photos you need for your creative endeavors, it’s always a good idea to browse their library. As you do that, you’re picturing yourself browsing the library as if you were a paying subscriber. You compare the photos that are in the library to the photos that you’ve needed in the past so that you can make sure that your new subscription is an adequate fit for your needs.

You Get What You Pay for

The second element that you are driven by is the price. Most people have a limited marketing budget and it’s their job to make the most of it. The ability to budget is imperative for marketers. They have to allocate their resources so they can pay for the stock photos in addition to all of the other marketing costs.

In the world of stock photography, you get what you pay for, right?

That’s not necessarily true. People have always connected the cost of a commodity with quality. If something costs more, you’re receiving an item of higher quality, right?

Competition Runs High

That’s not true in the microstock industry. You see, in this industry, competition runs high among the contributing photographers. Contributing photographers have two tasks if they want to make it in the field. Their first task is to create photos of quality. If they can’t produce quality photos, nobody will pay for them. Microstock agencies don’t initially pay the photographers for their photos. As a result, the same microstock agencies don’t retain full ownership of the photos, either. Instead, they provide a hosting platform and a sales channel. The artists, on the other hand, do retain full ownership of the photos.

When you browse the library of the microstock agency, your browsing the best work contributed by full-time, professional photographers. When you choose a photo that suits your needs, the contributing artists receive a commission and gets paid for it. If their work gets purchased multiple times, the artist gets paid multiple times.

The Cheap Stock Photo Secret.

The second dilemma that contributing artists face in the microstock industry is that they have to produce a high number of photos on a consistent basis. Photographers are faced with trying to contribute as many photos as they can with the hopes that a customer will choose their photo so that they can get paid.

That’s the cheap stock photo secret. The price of a photograph or an image has absolutely no bearing on its quality. That’s good news for you. That means you can browse the libraries of some the world’s most prominent microstock agencies with the full confidence that you are receiving images of the highest quality available.

Tips on Using iStockphoto Promo Code to Save Money

iStock by Getty Images

An iStockphoto promo code is a great way to save time and money when choosing cheap stock images. It is offered by iStock itself and Stock Photo Secrets is affiliated with iStock, so you can be sure that you are getting active and valid promo codes. Here are some tips to maximize your savings and free up space in your budget.

  1. Visit an aggregator site that organizes stock photo coupons such as Stock Photo Secrets. Stock Photo Secrets aggregate codes by name of stock photo agency to help you save time and money when looking for a specific offer.
  2. Stack codes. While iStock does not allow you to combine coupon codes, you can still benefit from this action. You can get discounts on every order as long as the codes are still valid on the dates of your purchase.
  3. Compare codes. Many websites claim to offer iStock promo codes. They key to saving money is comparing codes among competitor sites. This will help you find the best value that will give your more savings.
  4. Be a social code shopper. Thanks to the advent of social media, you now have the option to follow your favorite promotional coupon website on Facebook or Twitter to get instant updates on their promotions.
  5. Do not pay for codes. iStock promo codes are offered for free. The stock photo agency itself offer iStockphoto free promo codes as well as its trusted affiliate Stock Photo Secrets. If you encounter a website that asks money for coupon codes, do not trust it. Keep in mind that coupon were created to save you money. They should not cost anything to use.

Use Promo Code to Save Money
Save Money using a Promo Code

When you have the coupon codes, you can start purchasing and downloading stock photos instantly. But, be sure to take note of important tips in choosing stock images. These tips will help you make use of your iStock promo code more effectively.

  • Before you start looking for stock images, think about your overall version. This will save you from ending up with something that does not work.
  • If you have trouble making decisions between similar images, choose images that evoke emotion.
  • Make sure the image you choose compliments your message.
  • If you need an image for print, make sure it has the appropriate size and resolution for print.

Hiring a professional or buying expensive images is not an option for small businesses. It is a good things there are stock photo agencies. Stock photography has its benefits. It is cheaper and less time-consuming than conducting your very own photoshoots. Moreover, you can use iStock promo codes to further your savings. Lower prices and instant downloads are attractive, but the chance of further discounts is one thing you should not ignore.