Are you looking for a unique photo resource to complete your creative projects? The Internet is full of stock art agencies that offer high-quality images at affordable prices. However, many of them only provide generic photos that may be too “stocky” for your needs. Fortunately, some photo sites have unique stock images in their collection to help you tell your brand story or send a message.

When it comes to unique stock photography, there are two stock photo sites you should look into: Death to Stock Photo and Photocase. Both offer high-quality photos at a lower price tag. They can make your content beautiful, engaging, and shareable with stock photographs you will not find in other stock image websites. But which of them should you choose?

Let’s take an in-depth look into what each stock site has to offer.


Death to Stock Photo is an artist-owned co-op that features a collection of the most authentic photos and videos. You can download unlimited stock footage and images when you subscribe to a plan. The stock website adds new content every month to give you fresh stock photography regularly. It funds talented creators who do stunning work you can’t get anywhere else, giving you an immediate edge over your competitors. Check more here.

Why Death to Stock Photo?

  • Multiple membership options
    Death to the Stock Photo has a membership option for everyone. It offers a super affordable monthly or annual subscription for freelancers and agencies, brands, and partners. It also currently promotes a free 14-day trial to find out if the stock site fits your creative needs.

  • Unlimited downloads
    The stock photo website allows you to enjoy unlimited downloads in addition to full access to over 4,500 unique stock images. All images are quality-controlled, stocked, and ready for download. Plus, fresh visual content is added regularly to help you communicate your story.

  • Do-what-you-wanna license
    All images in the stock site come with a do-what-you-wanna license that allows you to use them for personal and commercial purposes. You don’t have to browse through creative commons anymore as you can easily find what you are looking for in the website’s library.


Photocase is a German stock photo site that provides images with an authentic flair. It has been around the industry for over 15 years, making it one of the most reliable stock photography sites in the market. It has a relatively small collection, but all the images stand out. It is also an economical solution for creatives and brands with a limited budget.

Why Photocase?

  • Curated collection
    Photocase boasts a highly-curated collection of artistic and authentic images. Every photo is selected by hand by the stock site’s editors. Unlike the stock images found in other platforms, its pictures are real-life, fresh, and fair. They also look natural, so you and your clients can enjoy refreshing imagery.

  • Flexible purchasing options
    With Photocase, you can buy images through Direct Purchase or Credit Bundle. You can pick whichever fits your creative needs and budget. Direct Purchase is ideal for single or occasional content requirements, while Credit Bundle is the best option for companies with significant image needs. The price depends on the size of the photo, but a Base license is always included. 

  • Lightboxes
    Photocase provides you with an easy way to organize your photos by client, theme, or project. It also helps you find your favorited images more quickly. You can review the photos you saved earlier and compare them before deciding. Basically, it is like a shopping cart feature.

Death to the Stock Photo and Photocase are both excellent sources of unique, high quality images. They offer high-quality photos at affordable rates, so you get value for your money. Your choice depends on your content requirements and budget. For authentic images and videos, choose the former. For inspiring, creative, and original photography, pick the latter. You can also subscribe to both to get the best of both worlds.

Photocase versus Death to Stock Photo: Which Should You Choose?
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