Shutterstock is among the well-known stock photo agencies with a bustling community of both contributors and customers alike, with both parties benefitting from each other. Shutterstock collects original contents from its contributors, aids in the necessary licensure processes and allows these contents to be distributed to the open market.  Some of which are free, but they still need attribution for their use, depending on the creator.

Shutterstock’s library of several millions of high quality, royalty-free stock images, illustrations, vectors, video clips, and even music files, makes it a more than enough choice as a source or provider for your multimedia content needs.

Shutterstock also offers free photos, but not too many, because free images are prone to be overused by many. The likelihood of seeing the same images used in your project also used in somewhere else is high. Obviously, no one would like that, most especially if you’re on a business standpoint. That is why they limit the number of free images. Fortunately, they also offer cheap stock photos [] for the thrift.

With weekly contents added daily at great numbers reaching to several thousands, you can rest assured you will definitely find what you need for your project in Shutterstock. In fact, you’re given more access to even more content as a subscriber. But then again, that all depends on your budget.

User Friendly

Shutterstock’s interface is very welcoming to new users and even to total newbies in designing. They even provide a handy link to several of their owned assets such as Skillfeed that provides limited time offers for design tutorial.

Signing up and registration is also not as intricate as some of the cheapest stock photo agencies []. For payments, you can use any major credit card and you can choose the type of payment you want – you can opt for subscription for some lesser overall costs and some perks, or choose on-payment basis when you prefer to purchase one at a time. However, those are not all the payment type option they offer.

As far as searching for the images you want to use are concerned, Shutterstock’s easy, but organized keyword search will help you find those images or other content you would want to purchase. Due to the competition in the stock images market, several sites are improving their database search and search results in order to provide a better service and give a good impression for a potential customer.

Shutterstock’s keyword search feature provides organized results with the option to view thumbnails or samples of the images in other categories (e.g. Relevance, Popularity) as well as refined search options to narrow down your search options. With a lot of options to narrow down your search results, you can easily find what you’re looking for – no longer will you have to find that pesky needle in the haystack.

Quality and Quantity

There are hundreds or even thousands of competitions out there in the online stock agency market. It is important to select a stock photo agency that provides high quality stock images in high quantity, with a user-friendly interface and refined search results, and affordable rates you can adjust to.

With millions of content and tens-to-hundreds of thousands of all kinds of daily content flowing in, Shutterstock is among the leading stock image agencies when it comes to the amount of content. However, they don’t simply just approve any image to be uploaded in their database. They screen images to provide only high quality content and won’t settle for anything inferior.

Shutterstock highly values its customers and contributors and because of this, many developers and designers are comfortable in using Shutterstock. Shutterstock helps in the licensing of the content for the contributors and, in turn, this allows customers to legally use the images or other content worry-free and conscience-free (even despite the fact they did pay for them).

Licensing issues are always troublesome and some of the coverage are vague; therefore if you don’t want the hassle, better to purchase something at a considerably cheap price than get it for free and risk legal repercussions.

Rates, Discounts, and Coupon Codes

Shutterstock have several price options to choose from. Several single purchases can cost for less than a dollar and you can even avail discounts, making the prices even lower. Shutterstock also offers an “Enhanced License” which is even better than the regular “Standard License”. The “Enhanced License” will allow several unlimited features which are only limited to a “Standard License” and it also nulls several restrictions such as copies of web or print templates, and copies of merchandise for sale.

Interesting to note, there are several websites that offer Shutterstock coupon codes []. However, it is advisable to only trust websites affiliated to Shutterstock. Among their trusted affiliates is StockPhotoSecrets and they offer discount coupons ranging from 7 to 10 percent off. If it doesn’t seem much, you might want to consider calculating the rates. You can save as much as hundreds of dollars when you’re planning to buy a 1-year image subscription plan which costs over $2000!

As a user-friendly gesture and being a trusted affiliate of Shutterstock, StockPhotoSecrets offers step by step guides and video tutorials to obtain and redeem Shutterstock coupon codes. You have the option to choose whichever coupon code you want and after obtaining a discount coupon code, you are then ready to use it any time you purchase a payment plan from Shutterstock.

You can check their website here and obtain some Shutterstock coupon codes:

Shutterstock Coupon Codes for More Stock Photo downloads

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