Cheap Stock Photo Secret

Whenever you go searching for stock photos, you are driven by two elements. The first element is value. Before you ever decide to pay for a subscription-based service so that you can have access to the stock photos you need for your creative endeavors, it’s always a good idea to browse their library. As you do that, you’re picturing yourself browsing the library as if you were a paying subscriber. You compare the photos that are in the library to the photos that you’ve needed in the past so that you can make sure that your new subscription is an adequate fit for your needs.

You Get What You Pay for

The second element that you are driven by is the price. Most people have a limited marketing budget and it’s their job to make the most of it. The ability to budget is imperative for marketers. They have to allocate their resources so they can pay for the stock photos in addition to all of the other marketing costs.

In the world of stock photography, you get what you pay for, right?

That’s not necessarily true. People have always connected the cost of a commodity with quality. If something costs more, you’re receiving an item of higher quality, right?

Competition Runs High

That’s not true in the microstock industry. You see, in this industry, competition runs high among the contributing photographers. Contributing photographers have two tasks if they want to make it in the field. Their first task is to create photos of quality. If they can’t produce quality photos, nobody will pay for them. Microstock agencies don’t initially pay the photographers for their photos. As a result, the same microstock agencies don’t retain full ownership of the photos, either. Instead, they provide a hosting platform and a sales channel. The artists, on the other hand, do retain full ownership of the photos.

When you browse the library of the microstock agency, your browsing the best work contributed by full-time, professional photographers. When you choose a photo that suits your needs, the contributing artists receive a commission and gets paid for it. If their work gets purchased multiple times, the artist gets paid multiple times.

The Cheap Stock Photo Secret.

The second dilemma that contributing artists face in the microstock industry is that they have to produce a high number of photos on a consistent basis. Photographers are faced with trying to contribute as many photos as they can with the hopes that a customer will choose their photo so that they can get paid.

That’s the cheap stock photo secret. The price of a photograph or an image has absolutely no bearing on its quality. That’s good news for you. That means you can browse the libraries of some the world’s most prominent microstock agencies with the full confidence that you are receiving images of the highest quality available.

The Cheap Stock Photo Secret

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